Youth Program

Program & Time

Begins at 10:30 am

Jr. & Sr. Youth (Gr. 7+) – (Main Floor Classroom) – The teens have both serious and not-so-serious discussions and activities during their Sunday morning gatherings. Youth leadership is encouraged. The youth build their own traditions and rituals. The Junior and Senior age groups sometimes meet separately; more often, they meet together. Youth advisors are on hand to support the youth and to guide and encourage them.

Youth Group meetings begin at 10:30 on most Sunday mornings and last for an hour. Some Youth Group activities take place at different times and places.

Our youth meet to share the experience of growing up as young Unitarian Universalists in the world today. They explore new ideas. They learn how to live their principles and values together and in society. They discuss and sometimes argue about the meanings of justice and religion and freedom and responsibility. Their interests include everything from profound ideas to the latest pop culture mythologies. They learn how to balance individual needs with community dynamics. They have fun together at youth conferences, sleepovers, cooking marathons, and other activities. They discover what spirituality means to them. They watch movies and play games. They make friends.

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