October 2, 2022

Collective Liberation:

We All Get Free Together 

In person & online

Speaker: Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz

Liberation theology started in Latin America with the radical notion that people who are oppressed are going to read and understand the Christian gospel in ways that those with more priviledge cannot. This morning we will look at some contemporary Unitarian Universalist understandings of collective liberation and how — as CB Beale puts it — “we all get free together.”

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October 9, 2022

Gratitude, Guilt & Tradition

In person & online

Service Leader: Jan Norris

First thing when they wake up observant Jews say a brief prayer of thankfulness to God. They thank Him/Her/Great SpiritUniverse for returning their souls to them for another day.
We know feeling gratitude is good for us, but for many it’s often partnering with a sense of guilt. There’s a prayer for that too.

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October 16th, 2022

Title: TBA

In person & online

Speaker: Sharissa Hantke

Service Leader: Cori Smithen

We are excited to welcome Saskatoon author, activist and nurse, Sharissa (Rissy) Hantke, who is the author of a chapter in the newly published White Benevolence: Racism and Colonial Violence in the Helping Professions.

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October 23rd, 2022

The Experience of Electric and Hybrid Car Owners: A Panel

In person & online

Service Leader: Doug Daniels

Personal transportation is an area that every individual can contribute to reducing humanity’s dependence on fossil fuel. This service will involve people telling about their experience of driving hybrid and electric vehicles as we step toward environmental sustainability.

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October 30th, 2022

A Samhain Celebration

In person & online

Service Team: Pam Fichtner, Kate Garduño King, Kimm Gaudry, Jessica Herrera and Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz

Join us in person and online for this annual ritual of remembering our beloved dead. Whether you are in person or online, you are invited to bring photos and favourite foods of those you wish to remember.

We look forward to welcoming the Unitarian Fellowship of Regina at this all-Saskatchewan Sunday Service.

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