Sunday Services

Services begin at 10:30am



Sunday Services, children & youth programs start at 10:30 AM


Nov 3 – Bravery: A Spirit Jam; Speakers: Spirit Jam Teams; Service Leaders: Karen Fraser Gitlitz & Brian Donnelly

What is bravery? How do we recognize it in others? What does it feel like in ourselves? Join us for an all-ages exploration — this is a spirit jam service, which means that there will be stations throughout the building with different activities, both conversational and experiential. Come explore what it means to be brave!

2nd Hour: Potluck Sunday – Please join us for potluck lunch in the lower hall after the service, time for conversation and community. Please bring a food dish to share if you are able.

Nov 10 – The Wisdom of Trees; Speaker: Karen Fraser Gitlitz; Service Leader: Kyla Huckerby

What if we thought of trees as our mentors? Inspired by Richard Powers’ Pulitzer-prize-winning novel The Overstory, we will attempt to explore life from the perspective of trees. Part two of six in the interdependence sermon series. (Several segments of this service will be broadcast on Facebook live — check out our Facebook page the day before the service for details)

2nd Hour: Interdependence Workshop


Nov 17 – Colonization impact on Metis culture;  Speaker: Karon Shmon (GDI); Service Leader: Susan Shacter

Please join us as we welcome Karon Shmon, of Gabriel Dumont Institute and Jess Lee, Métis Country Music Singer-Songwriter. Karon and Jess will share their Métis culture and history through songs and conversation about how colonization has impacted the Métis people.


Karon Shmon

Karon Shmon – Many paths have converged to lead Karon Shmon to her current position as Director of Métis Culture and Heritage at the Gabriel Dumont Institute, a Saskatchewan-based Métis organization with culture and education as its focus.  Her roots to the one-room cabin at Chitek Lake where her mother was raised and the family’s annual visits to Batoche helped her to understand her heritage and to be proud of being Métis.  Karon’s career has focused on making education equitable and is driven by her personal mantra to “affirm ourselves, and inform the others.”  This makes her work at GDI over the last 15 years her true calling.  She considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to work with Métis Elders, authors, artists, poets, performers, knowledge keepers, and community members and to preserve their voice, and legacy, through the publications and resources created at the Institute.


Jess Lee

Jess Lee – Jess Lee is an award-winning Métis singer and songwriter whose Metis roots cover the Prince Albert area and Lac St. Anne, Alberta. Decades of sharing his gifts as a musician, singer, and songwriter demonstrate the sharpened skills, and the maturity and depth of this seasoned professional. Whether he is singing about his experiences as a Métis man, sharing his celebrations and losses, or reminding us of our deep connection to the land and the universe, we come away with a deeper understanding of the human condition, and we are left satisfied with a rarely paralleled listening experience. The Gabriel Dumont Institute is proud to be working on Jess’ next CD in which he shares much of our story through his songs. The history, the reflections, the experiences, and the memories shared in his heartfelt, poignant songs are gifts to us all.


2nd Hour: the Reconciliation Team will be hosting an open discussion in the 2nd hour.


Nov 24 – Beginning AnewSpeaker: Rev. Mary Wellemeyer; Service Leader: Ann Coxworth

As the year settles into winter, we come to a time for renewal.  The womb is a dark place, after all, the environment for gestation, nourishing life that is just emerging.  As we enter into the dark time of the year, let us enter also into transformation, emerging whole, new, still ourselves as a community, yet somehow changed. 

2nd Hour: Reflecting on our experiences of the re-start weekend with Rev. Mary Wellemeyer

Mary Wellemeyer

Rev. Mary Wellemeyer is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister living in Northwest Montana, USA.  A lifelong Unitarian Universalist, she came to ministry later in life, after the kids were grown.  She knows what it’s like to be a congregation member and leader as well as fulfilling a professional leadership role. Her experience as minister includes service as both settled and interim ministries in smaller congregations.  She serves on the board of the Mountain Desert District, UUA, and does consultations with smaller congregations who are in ministerial search. She lives with her son and granddaughter in Columbia Falls, Montana, loves the outdoors, enjoys travel, and is always getting involved in civic action of one kind or another. 

2nd Hour

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

After tea & coffee join in one of the after-service activities. This time is a great way to get to know people and to explore topics in more depth.

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