Sunday, Nov. 5/23, 10:30 am
Leave Some for the Birds: Movements for Justice
Marjorie Beaucage

This morning we welcome Marjorie Beaucage back to Saskatoon Unitarians. Marjorie will be reading from her poetic memoir, Leave Some for the Birds: Movements for Justice, published in June 2023, which she wrote to encourage younger activists.

Marjorie Beaucage is a Two-Spirit Métis Auntie, filmmaker, art-ivist and educator, a land protector and a water walker. Born in Vassar, Manitoba, to a large Métis family, Marjorie’s life’s work has been about creating social change, working to give people the tools for creating possibilities and right relations. She has been a Grandmother for Walking With Our Sisters; the Elder for OUT Saskatoon and the Two Spirits of Saskatchewan Dragonfly Society of Saskatchewan. As a current Board Member of Chokecherry Studios, she is giving back to future art-ivists as they stand up for themselves and their community through creating art, music, writing. Her poetic memoir, leave some for the birds will be released in May 2023. Six short harm reduction videos have been recently completed to create change and healing for the people with story medicine.

Join us in person at Saskatoon Unitarians, 213 Second St. E

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