Sunday, Nov. 12/23, 10:30 am
Meaning Making in Liminal Times series: Can We Talk?
Speaker: Rev. Brian Kiely

Conversation has become a dangerous thing! Will I offend if I speak? Will I get attacked for voicing an opinion? Speaking is becoming scary. Unitarian Universalists have always prided themselves on freedom and rational discourse. I believe it’s the only way out of this polarized age.

Brian Kiely has been a Unitarian minister in Canada for 35 years including 22 spent at the Unitarian Church of Edmonton. He is a past president of the CUC and the ICUU. He is sort of retired, but will be starting his second year working with Kelowna Unitarians in the Fall. Declan Kiely is a recently graduated dental technician living in Edmonton.

Join us in person at Saskatoon Unitarians, 213 Second St. E or online.

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