For 68 years, we have offered something unique in Saskatoon: a liberal faith tradition that encourages us to question, to pursue our own search for truth and meaning, and to keep learning and growing. Our pluralistic, open-minded approach to religion meets the needs of those who want to create meaningful, principled lives, within a community based on respect and compassion. If this matters to you, and if you want us to continue being there for others who need what we offer, we invite you to support the Saskatoon Unitarians financially.

Sunday Morning Offering

We have been warmed by fires we did not build; we have drunk at wells we did not dig. In acknowledgement of our many blessings and many needs, you are invited to share what you are able. Half of what you give comes to the congregation to support our programs and services and half is shared with an outside charity.

Did you know we are a self-funded organization?

You are not alone if you thought we get funding from a Canadian or international umbrella organization. But this is not the case. The Saskatoon Unitarians rely on all of us together to financially support our community and our programs. 

You can make a one-time donation or pledge to donate on a regular basis which helps with planning and budgeting. All financial contributions are tax-deductible.

As well as donating, you can help us thrive by supporting and attending our fundraising events and by volunteering your time and talents to the running of the congregation. We appreciate whatever contributions you are willing and able to make!

2024-2025 programs and activities

Although Rev. Karen is leaving us soon, she has put us on a good path. With open minds, creative thinking, and our collective energy and commitment, we can enable our congregation to not just survive, but thrive.

The idea of being a lay-led congregation may seem daunting, but it’s not new to some of us. We’ve successfully functioned without a professional minister before, and we can do it again. We have a lot of skilled people in our congregation who are taking on leadership, and likely others who will get involved and share their abilities and interests. (Maybe you?)

You might be wondering what will happen on Sunday mornings, which is the heart of what we do. Many of us already have experience in creating and leading services, and the Sunday Services Committee, led by Kathryn Green, has a plan that will involve several small teams offering services of diverse format, style, and theme—something for everyone! We will share stories, explore ideas, participate in ritual and song, and engage our hearts, minds, and spirits. We hope you will join us, in person or online, as we deepen our connections with each other and that which is greater than us. 

Other lay-led teams will continue to function as they have been, including the Future Planning Steering Committee, the Social Action Council, Green Sanctuary, Widening the Circle, and the Home Team that provides hospitality on Sunday mornings. The Compassion Bank and the Committee on Shared Ministry will be strengthened to increase our ability to support congregants and address interpersonal issues, and the Board is exploring ways of providing lay chaplaincy for rites of passages. Our Family Ministry and Youth programs will be reconfigured to better meet families’ current needs and interests.

2024-2025 financial projections

Nurturing our community together

“Shared ministry” is the way the Saskatoon Unitarians have always worked, whether this means lay leaders working collaboratively with a professional minister, or with each other. We know that functioning without Rev. Karen will require some adjustments, but our leadership is committed to finding sustainable ways of keeping our community strong.

We invite you to donate and join us as we work towards our mission to search for meaning, experience wonder, and be a positive influence in the world.

Ken Crush

It is that time of the year when each of us needs to look inward and evaluate what this congregation means to us and put money where our thoughts lie. Each year, Patty and I spend time discussing our commitment and relationship to you, the congregation, and without question we know we need this relationship, it is key to our lives. This year’s canvass is no different. When we saw the board’s draft budget for the coming year – balanced – it was easy to make the commitment to maintain our pledge, and that we will! There is an energy within our congregation at present, four people have stepped up recently to be part of the board, the process of “where do we go now” led by Pam and Kathie is an exciting experience, our newly-formed nominating committee is on the move, Erica is coordinating canvass donations, and Kathryn’s focus on next year’s Sunday Services is well-developed and exciting! Positive change is in the air. These actions made it easy for Patty and I to maintain our pledge! So I ask each one of my fellow congregants to do the same and doing so will enable our congregation to continue flourishing. The funding raised during canvass is like a blanket of security wrapped around what we are as a congregation, let us be secure!

Kathryn Green

There’s no doubt we will face some challenges as we shift to being a lay-led congregation again, but at the same time, I’m excited about the opportunities this transition presents: To get clear on what matters most to us; try out different ways of doing things; develop and share our skills; and strengthen our relationships with each other. The commitment, enthusiasm, and openness to change congregational leaders have demonstrated this year make me feel confident that we have what it takes to make next year successful and satisfying.

Erica Bird

At a recent leadership meeting, I got to hear about next year’s Sunday services from Kathryn, Pam, Tracey, and others, as well as future plans from Larry with Green Sanctuary and Monica with Widening the Circle. I was so inspired! I know that we will need a paid administrator to support our leaders with communications, administration, and bookkeeping, as well as cover our other organizational expenses, and so I am renewing my financial pledge to the Saskatoon Unitarians.

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