Children & Families


Children and their families are an important part of the Saskatoon Unitarians communities–when we say all are welcome, we mean babbling babies and crazy toddlers too.

Family Programs

Our family programs meet at the same time as the Sunday service. We meet on the building’s front lawn or in the lower hall and do activities that touch on UU principles, like making sandwiches to share with our community, or painting rocks for a pebble meditation, as well as taking the time to have fun together.

With our family programs, guardians may join the activities, or they may drop the children off with the family program and join the service in the sanctuary. Or, bring everyone to the service in the sanctuary and try out our “make-while-you-listen” corner in the back of the hall.

Get Outside! Family Meetups

On the third Sunday of the month, our Sunday morning family programs are outdoor meetups in or around Saskatoon. We have a small ceremony and activity, and then we go play and explore. Places we’ve visited include Beaver Creek, Cranberry Flats, Gabriel Dumont Park, and Chappel Marsh. Come dressed for the weather on these days–and maybe bring a sled!

Family Supper…and More

On the first Wednesday of the month, we host a family potluck dinner with a play time or activity afterward. This is a great time to relax and get to know each other. 

Keep In Touch

Join our Facebook page to hear about upcoming events. Questions? Just want to say hi?  Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page!

We welcome all kinds of families and children, and work to foster an environment where individuals can safely explore who they are and how they belong in our world.

We’d love to meet you!


Our program aims to provide all ages with a safe and supportive environment in which to:

  • Learn about many religions and cultures along with Unitarian Universalism
  • Explore new ideas and engage the imagination
  • Make friends and develop a sense of belonging
  • Deepen understanding of themselves and of life
  • Empower one another to work for a more just and caring world

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Children's Rainbow Principles

Red – Respect all beings
Orange – Offer fairness and compassion to everyone
Yellow – Yearn to learn by caring and encouraging
Green – Grow by exploring new ideas together
Blue – Believe what your heart tells you, yet listen to others
Indigo – Insist on peace and justice for the whole world
Violet – Value the interconnected web of all life

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