Children & Families


Children and their families are an important part of the Saskatoon Unitarians communities–when we say all are welcome, we mean babbling babies and crazy toddlers too.

Sunday Mornings

Once a month we hold Family Sunday:  children join us in the sanctuary for the first part of the service. There is usually a story or other all-ages event. Then children are invited to go downstairs with our Children’s Program Facilitator for free play. Contact our office to sign up for the Family Ministry email which comes out once a month on a Friday.

Children are welcome on other Sundays too — check out our puzzle and art table at the back of the hall.

Friends, Family and Fellowship
Once a month we have an event for families on a day other than Sunday. Past events have included meet ups at parks, tobogganing, pizza nights and games nights. 


Justicemakers is our program for 10 – 13 year old’s –they meet twice a month from September through June to have fun, build community, and learn about themselves and the world by engaging in service and justice-oriented projects. Recent projects have included making Christmas Cookies for the Friendship Inn and hosting a movie night fundraiser for a Refugee Family. Contact our Minister for more information.

We welcome all kinds of families and children, and work to foster an environment where individuals can safely explore who they are and how they belong in our world. We’d love to meet you!


Children's Rainbow Principles

Red – Respect all beings
Orange – Offer fairness and compassion to everyone
Yellow – Yearn to learn by caring and encouraging
Green – Grow by exploring new ideas together
Blue – Believe what your heart tells you, yet listen to others
Indigo – Insist on peace and justice for the whole world
Violet – Value the interconnected web of all life

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