Walking in Different Shoes

“I feel like I’ve spent several months with a different brain, and I’m now slowly re-entering my own life…. Without our own experiences of suffering, without the capacity to imagine what others must be feeling, kindness would not exist.”

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In lieu of meditation, I bring you Pigeon-Rats

“…Well, I learned it in his class.  Not exactly from him.  But he told me to pause.  The pigeon-rat thing was my idea.  But he endorsed it.  Okay, endorsed might be the wrong word.  Technically what he said was “You are going to say ‘pigeon rat’ in the middle of somebody’s wedding vows some day”. 

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Forever Jung: the spiritual life of a humanist

“What he gave to me was a way of understanding religious and spiritual experience without either denying its reality and importance or abandoning the possibility of understanding it scientifically. …I used to think that I wasn’t spiritual. Now I say that “spiritual” needs a broader definition.”

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