April 21/24


Sunday, April  7/24 10:30am
Earth is a Special Planet
Speaker: Sam Butler; Service Leader: Carroll Chubb

Since the 1960s space missions have investigated other planets in our solar system while we have been able to detect planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy since 1995. We’ve learned a lot about these other bodies and we can learn a lot by comparing them with our own home. In this presentation, I will discuss plate tectonics and Earth’s ever evolving surface, Earth’s magnetic field, and Earth’s oceans and atmosphere and compare these with other known planet. As it turns out, Earth is a pretty special place.

Sam, his wife Erica and their four kids have been members of Saskatoon Unitarians for almost 20 years. Sam is a Professor of Geophysics at the University of Saskatchewan. Among other things, Sam studies the dynamics of convection in Earth’s mantle and how this process has affected Earth’s long-term evolution.

Join us in person at Saskatoon Unitarians, 213 Second St. E

Join us online at https://bit.ly/3pecedy

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