At a recent Sunday Services Planning Extravaganza, our service leaders had some practice writing words for worship in the moment. What follows is the resulting reading.

A reminder

In times like these

It helps to remember

That each of us looks to something larger than ourselves —

A place, a process, an experience —

Some of us say

            Spirit of life and love,

            Ground of being.

            The great mystery.

Some of us remember

            What we owe each other

            Our interconnection

            The interdependent web that holds us all together

Some of us remind ourselves

            We are all in this together

            We are part of an evolving world

Some of us might say

How small and insignificant I am as a part of the natural world


            I am filled with acceptance of this moment.

In times like these, it helps to call to mind

The moments that touch us deep inside.

It could be

The first moment I picked up my cat – pure warmth

It could be the first time I said

You are safe with me

It could be as simple as

Saying thank you at a meal time

Or experiencing

The Meewasin valley


A heart-to-heart connection

Or asking

Clarity, fill us with insight

For all these intimacies

For all these lessons

In the fragile art of being human,

We give thanks.

Carolina, Drumlin, Karen, Kathryn, Liz, Margaret, Nazeem & Sage

Saturday, March 7, 2020

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