Thanks to everyone who joined us for the introduction to Unitarian Universalism. Several of you were interested in reading more; here are some websites to explore. We will share more resources in the weeks ahead.

The website of the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) has a brief description of the words “unitarian” and “universalist” followed by links to essays about our Canadian UU history. CUC/history

The website of the Unitarian Universalist Association (the American equivalent of the Canadian Unitarian Council) has lots of information about our beliefs, practices, symbols and stories, here.

If you like reading academic history papers, many of the presentations at UU Collegium are available online here.

More about Saskatoon Unitarians

Our website has a “snapshot” history with pictures of the three buildings we have owned – History page.

We have an internal website “SU Miscellanea.” Circle of Song and Green Sanctuary are two of our groups that share information on this site. If you are a governance geek, you will find information about our organizational chart, and minutes from board meetings, congregational meetings, and many other fascinating documents! Link to SU Miscellanea

What we wish people knew about Unitarian Universalism

The Rev. Steven Epperson of Vancouver Unitarians asked Canadian UU ministers what they wished everyone knew about Unitarian Universalism. The resulting service was so popular, Rev. Epperson and Marcus Hynes created a booklet “What we wish people knew about Unitarian Universalism.”  Click here to download a copy.

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