Sunday Services

Services begin at 10:30am




This month’s theme is Emergent

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Sunday Services – start at 10:30 AM 

All Sunday Service programming for children, youth and adults begin at 10:30 AM

If you are new and have children or Youth, please arrive earlier – so you can be welcomed and orientated to the various programming available.


April 7 – Weaving Community: Our Canvass Begins! – Service Leaders: Cori Smithen and Erica Bird

Spring is the time of our annual pledge drive. In our goal to be a self-sustaining congregation with settled ministry, this is one of the important parts of our church year. Join us for our canvass opening as we build community through conversation and connection. If you are new to Saskatoon Unitarians, or new to pledging financial support, we will host a welcome and information session for new (and relatively new) people to learn about Unitarianism, our community, membership and donating.
2nd Hour – Potluck – We like to celebrate local foods and farmers! At this month’s potluck, the Green Sanctuary group invites you to try incorporating something local and delicious.


April 14 – Our Personal Responsibility for the Earth, Speaker: Angie Bugg; Service leader: Ann

photo – Angie Bugg


Angie is an engineer with the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.  As well as being mentored by Ann Coxworth, Angie gets to work with a variety of building owners and operators, as well as students and teachers, to help reduce our energy and water use.  Angie will talk about how each of us can take responsibility for our greenhouse gas emissions, and advocate for others around us to do the same. 

2nd HourAngie’s team at SES recently developed a large-scale board game that engages groups in exploring potential greenhouse gas reduction and water efficiency improvements in the home.

During the 2nd hour we’ll be using some simple elements of the game to encourage discussion of practical things we can do in our own homes to become more efficient in the use of energy and water – and save money in the process.


April 21 – Easter stories, Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz; Service Leader: Erin Brophy; Musicians: Walter

photo by bee felten leidel

Hofmeister and Chris Lindgren

Bunny rabbits and eggs … a social radical with spiritual leanings … an ancient germanic goddess of the dawn … the humanity of divinity … Easter is a time rich with change and transformation. This morning we’ll explore the challenges and the beauty of this holiday through music, art and song, asking ourselves how and why Unitarians of all stripes might celebrate Easter.

 2nd Hour – Extended Coffee & Tea time – Enjoy extra time to visit with new friends and reconnect with those you haven’t visited with for awhile.


April 28 – From the Ashes, Rev. Fulgence Ndagijimana; Service leader: Mary Moody

Different traditions have stories of rebirth; in Greek mythology, the Phoenix rises from the ashes of its predecessors. In Christianity, Jesus comes back from the dead and in our lives, we experience different forms of rebirth, some remarkable but mostly ordinary.

How do we have glimpses of rebirth in our lives and emerge as better versions of ourselves and less fragile than our former versions? Rev. Fulgence Ndagijimana explores our capacity to emerge from the ashes of our ever changing (dying) lives. There is hope that with the right community support, right mindset and openness to the mystery, flourishing is indeed within our reach.

2nd Hour – Susan Burke will share the key aspects of trauma-informed practice and the use of non-violent communication techniques. The workshop is third in our three-part series introducing different approaches to conflict resolution and management. Ms. Burke has been a community therapist for 25 years and a social worker for over 30 years. She currently works in private practice in Indigenous communities. 

2nd Hour

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

After tea & coffee join in one of the after-service activities. This time is a great way to get to know people and to explore topics in more depth.


Each month we focus on a theme, which we explore in our Sunday Services, in small groups, and in a variety of workshops and other offerings. 

The themes for 2018-19 are:

September – Welcome

October – Courage

November  – Power

December – Mystery

January – Intention

February – Renewal

March – Balance

April – Emergent

May – Creativity

June – Blessing

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