Sunday Services

Services begin at 10:30am



Sunday Services, children & youth programs start at 10:30 AM


Oct 6th: Endings and Beginnings, Speaker: Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz; Service Leader: Daeran Gall

We start school, start a new job, begin a project, move to a new city, make new friends. We finish a meal, leave home and say good-bye to friends who are moving away. This morning we’re talking about endings and beginnings. Sometimes we choose the transition, sometimes it chooses us. But each time we enter into an ending or a beginning, we get to choose how we do it.

Appropriately, for a service that includes new beginnings, we’re debuting a new type of intergenerational service this morning, called shared topic services. We’ll start together in the sanctuary for a story that sets up our topic then the children will go to the main floor classroom and we’ll each explore the topic in age-appropriate ways. Then we’ll come back together at the end of the service to share the fruits of our explorations.

2nd Hour – Today is potluck Sunday, please join us in the lower hall, for a shared meal and conversation. If you are able please bring a dish with enough to share, if it is made with local ingredients even better.


Oct 13th:  Thanksgiving – Gratitude for the Earth; Service Leader: Sage Baxter

Join us for a experiential musical service focused on gratitude for the Earth. Kathryn Green and Circle of Song will lead us in songs. It will be a joyful morning filled with drums, poetry & music.



Oct 20th: Loneliness and Connection, Speaker: Jennifer Keane; Service Leader: Mary Moody

Jennifer has practiced mindfulness meditation and studied Buddhist psychology since 1990, integrating these principles in her therapeutic approach. She has extensive training from Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, and is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher—Professional Level (CMT-P) with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

Jennifer has been teaching mindfulness classes for over 15 years, including those for specialized groups such as people with eating and body-image issues, and those facing the challenges of aging. As well, she offers program for clinicians and parents, and teaches the Mindful Schools program in Saskatoon classrooms. Jennifer has also worked as a Spiritual Care practitioner and has an interest and specialized training in grief, loss, and end-of-life care. She was a founding member of of Prairie Hospice in Saskatoon.  Jennifer is passionate about the potential of mindfulness for all ages and is committed to creating a safe and respectful environment for exploration and healing.


Oct 27th: All Souls UU – A Mash up of Samhain, UU history, and Honouring our Ancestors, Speaker: Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz; Service Leader: Pam Fichtner

photo by Tony Detroit – unsplash

The ancient Celts believed that the feast of Samhain marked the beginning of the dark half of the year. The last of the harvest safely in, they gathered round the fire to mark the turning of the season. At this time, they believed that the veil between the worlds grew thin and they left offerings for any spirits who might draw near.

This morning we will remember some of our Unitarian Universalist ancestors as well as our personal ancestors and our loved ones who have passed through the veil before us. You are invited to bring a picture or some other object that represents the person (or people) you wish to remember.

2nd hour – The province is planning to build a highway through the Northeast Swale and two other Swales in the north end of Saskatoon. While the highway will relieve some traffic, its true costs (environmental and social) and benefits have not yet been assessed. Come learn more from Warrick Baijius and Meghan Mickelson about what is happening, and how you can raise your voice in support of protecting the Swale ecosystems.

Learn more about this cause here 





2nd Hour

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

After tea & coffee join in one of the after-service activities. This time is a great way to get to know people and to explore topics in more depth.

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