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Sunday Services & children’s program are at 10:30 AM, Youth program happens every other Sunday



Feb 23 – Stoicism for our Times, Speaker: Ann Coxworth; Service Leader: Jan Norris

Ann Coxworth

In popular usage the Stoics have been given a bad rap, often being portrayed as unfeeling, cold-hearted, stiff-upper-lip kind of people. William B. Irvine in his book “A Guide to the Good Life (the ancient art of stoic joy)” shows how this classic philosophy can in fact form the basis for a calm and fulfilling life in the 21st century. Maybe this could work for some of us.

Second Hour: You’ve heard about a philosophical framework that has been helpful to Ann… What about you? What are the approaches to the big questions that have been useful to you in your life? Join us for a lively conversation.



Photo: Ag Canada, Spring Thaw

Sunday Services & children’s program are at 10:30 AM, Youth program happens every other Sunday


Mar 1 – Chaos and Creativity: Life in the Borderlands, Speaker: Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz; Service Leader: Kyla Huckerby

photo by Anne Nygard

Borderlands, the places where ecological and cultural systems overlap, are often places of intense diversity and fertility as well as being places of conflict and chaos. What if we looked at our changing times and changing climate as its own form of borderland — a borderland in time as well as space. What tools might we find useful?

*This is the fourth in a series of services focussed on interdependence. Watch for us on Facebook live this morning.


Second Hour: Finger food potluck (Saskatoon Unitarians orientation lunch in main floor meeting room)


Mar 8 – The Most Dangerous Woman in America, Speaker: Janice Braden; Service Leader: Heather Musgrove

Mary Harris Jones

By the time she was 34, she had survived the Irish potato famines, a yellow fever epidemic and the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. She went on to become one of the most famous and dedicated union organizers of history…. She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain was written for her. When she was arrested, 50,000 letters of support called for her release. This Sunday, Janice Braden will be telling the story of the life of this woman whose story has profoundly touched and inspired her.

Second Hour: Discover the joy and sense of connection that comes from singing and dancing with others. Wayne will teach us some simple, multicultural chants honouring the Divine Feminine, accompanied by meditative circle dances. No special singing or dancing skills required–just an open heart and willingness to learn.


Mar 15 – World Water Day, Featuring Saskatoon’s North East Swale, Speakers: Warrick Baijius and Meghan Mickelson;

photo by Meghan Mickelson

Service Leader: Doug Daniels

Join us on World Water Day to hear Warrick Baijius and Meghan Mickelson talk about the water cycle in the Northeast Swale. They will speak about how water made, saved, and continues to sustain swale ecosystems.

Second Hour: You came, you talked, we listened! The Board compiled your insight and ideas into an updated strategic plan to take us forward into the Roaring 20’s! This 2nd hour will be devoted to the unveiling of our new plan. Child care and a light lunch will be available.


Mar 22 – Becoming an Ally, Speaker: Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz; Service Leader: Patricia Pavey

Photo by Tim Mossholder

Rev. Karen will share some of her experiences from her recent sabbatical, studying diversity, inclusion and conflict with Anima leadership, a Toronto consulting firm. The last time she put focussed time into diversity studies was over a decade ago, and both theory and practiced have transformed considerably!

Second Hour with Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz


Mar 29 – Ritual: What does it mean to you? Speakers and Service Leaders: Laura, Pam and Sage (Lay

Photo by Emily Bauman


Join the Lay Chaplaincy Committee this morning as they lead you on a journey to discover why ritual is still relevant to us in this modern age. Pam Fitchner and Sage Baxter will share their personal journeys with ritual, how rituals create structure to our days, and meaning to our lives.

Second Hour: In the 2nd hour, Pam Laura and Sage will listen to your stories of ritual, as well as sharing more of their own and answering any questions that you may have about ritual and lay Chaplaincy.




2nd Hour

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

After tea & coffee join in one of the after-service activities. This time is a great way to get to know people and to explore topics in more depth.

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