November 6, 2022

Saying No to War

In person & online

Speaker: Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy, originally from Ireland, has been a long-time activist in the peace movement, international development work, trade union campaigns and community organizations. He’ll be talking about humanity’s age-old quest for peace – and will do his best to inspire us to do what we can to bring it about.

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November 13, 2022

Building Intercultural Bridges

In person & online

Service Leader: TBA

This is the launch of a new series entitled Culturally Speaking: Building Intercultural Bridges in our Community. At this first session Leah Wignes (she/her) of the Saskatchewan Intercultural Association will provide insight to intercultural relations in the community and how we can build on them. Saskatoon’s Andean folk music group Koricancha will provide the music. Come a few minutes early and let the music take you away…far away to the lands of South America.

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November 20, 2022

Living into Covenant

In person and online

Speakers: Rev. Anne Barker and Shana Lynngood

We Unitarian Universalists are a covenantal people. Our faith tradition believes in the power and possibility of covenant – a set of shared promises, agreements, and understandings to hold us together. How does a vision of covenant hold us together when we disagree? How does our faith community covenant overlap and diverge from the other covenants of our lives (being a partner or parent or friend or citizen of the world?)? How is all of this impacted by how well we are keeping a covenant with ourselves, our own well being? Join Revs Shana Lyngood and Anne Barker in exploration and reflection.

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November 27, 2022

Keeping the Circle Open

In person & online

Speaker: Kathryn Green

Service Leader: Jennifer Keane

These days there seem to be more things than ever to disagree about, and it can feel threatening and risky to interact with people whose views are different from ours. But the new Covenant of Right Relations our congregation adopted earlier this year encourages us to be inclusive and open to diverse beliefs. This morning we will look more deeply into what this means, and how we can repair relationships when our efforts fall short (as they inevitably will sometimes).

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