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February 28, 2021 

 Join us with our Shared Sunday Service with the UFR and their service with Rhonda Rosenberg. During this service Rhonda will be giving an introduction on anti-racism and will be giving a description on the BRIDGES Program,  which builds relationships with Indigenous and newcomers as well as with the community as a whole.

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March 7, 2021 

 Join us with Liz James and her service on “Asking Africa for Help”.  Some of the biggest challenges we are facing right now,  she believes, would be helped significantly by employing some of the strategies I learned in those cross-cultural relationships that she has had since she was 20 years old. 

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March 14, 2021  

 Join us with Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz and the service on “Where Adaptation Nourishes Strength”. In this service Karen will be talking about our hardy prairie plants, we’ve found ways to flourish! We’ll take a look at some of the attributes that make up “hardiness zone SU.” This morning’s service will be slightly longer than usual: the congregational response time will be included within the service. 

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March 21, 2021 

Join us with our guest speaker Dr. Branimir Gjetvaj and the service on “Water on the Prairie Landscape”. In this service Dr. Branimir Gjetvaj will be talking about the issue of water on our prairie landscape in light of global climate change and its effect on the prairies. 

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March 28, 2021 

 It’s been a strange year for news and views, with more than the usual concern about where the truth lies and what is factual. Being in a pandemic has raised the stakes and the anxiety of the presidential transition down south also affected us. Let’s press pause and take a moment to consider what it means to talk about ‘the truth.’

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To join the Sunday service you need to register for that particular Sunday. The sign-up link is below the name of the service below or will be in that week’s congregational email (to sign up for our weekly email, click here).


The Zoom room opens at 10:15 for those who want to come early to chat with others. The service itself is about 45-50 minutes in length and after the service we have a coffee time Q & A with the speaker or we move into small groups for a more personal check in (some folks stay for this while others leave at the end of the service).


Many of our Zoom services are recorded and available for watching later (only speakers are recorded, participants are not visible). Click on our facebook page to watch the most recent recorded service, or go to our YouTube channel to see all of the services.


Resources for Families

We know that this is a challenging time for families! Our Director of Religious Education, Laura McNaughton sends out an email every week with ideas and activities for children ages 4-12.

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Save this fb link to Saskatoon Unitarians Children’s Program – check it out to see what is on the Virtual Diner’s Takeout menu.


Let’s all follow the guidelines recommended by our Provincial and Federal Health authorities – we all look forward to being together again as soon as it is safe to do so.

Keep well, safe and connected!

Our Services

We enjoy services that are spiritually inspiring and intellectually challenging. We pay attention to our connection with our self – our experiences, hopes and dreams – and our relationships with one another and with the wider world. Our services help us address issues in our common lives and encourage us to act for justice

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Incase you have missed a service, check out our YouTube Channel. It may have been recorded, we do record the majority of our services.

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