Sunday Services

Services begin at 10:30am



Sunday Services, children & youth programming – start at 10:30 AM,

June 3 – New Ways of Approaching Mental Health Crisis, Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz; Service Leader: Kathryn Green

Mental health is difficult to talk about. At the recent Canadian Unitarian Council conference in Hamilton, three Unitarians and one activist bravely opened a space for a group of Unitarians to talk about mental health, while sharing their research into new was to respond when a person is in crisis. While the conversation was not easy, it was clearly very important. Inspired by this event, Rev. Karen will share some of her own experiences, and some of the research presented at the workshop.

11:45AM – 2nd Hour – Potluck Sunday, please join us and bring a food dish to share. The Green Sanctuary group invites us to celebrate local food and farmers by choosing delicious local ingredients when we can.


June 10 – Pride Service on the New Pride House, Guest Speaker: Krystal Nieckar from Out Saskatoon; Service Leader: Janice Braden


Krystal from Out Saskatoon joins us to share insights from the first year of operating Pride House, a full time residence for LGBTQ2S youth


11:45AM – 2nd Hour – TBA


June 17  – Beauty rises: Our annual flower ceremony, Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz; Service Leader: Sydney Shacter

Each June we celebrate the flower communion, where we each bring one flower, and leave with another. The service was designed by Rev. Norbert Capek of the Prague Unitarian church to symbolize the way a unique group of individuals, coming together of their own free will, can create something beautiful together. In one of his last known pieces, written in Dresden prison, Capek says that even when times are dark and frightening, in our own souls we can touch the silence of the divine, and experience god’s flower rising. From this experience he called on all of us to live from the depths of our own souls. Tragically, after the second world war ended, we discovered that Dr. Capek died in Dachau concentration camp (the Unitarian church in Prague had welcomed Jewish members). Dr. Capek’s wife, Rev. Maja Capek, shared the flower ceremony with Unitarian churches in North America.  This service will begin and end with children and adults together; in the middle there will be separate programming for adults and children.

11:45AM – 2nd Hour – This is our extended coffee-tea time, please enjoy some time to visit with old friends or get to know someone new.


June 24 – Bicycle Blessing and Congregational Picnic, Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz; Service leader: TBA

Bring your bike—or tricycle, walking sticks, skates, crutches, wagon or any other non-motorized method of propulsion—to the Unitarian centre this Sunday! We will wish everyone a safe summer with a short bicycle blessing, followed by our annual picnic!

This is a short, twenty minute intergenerational service, followed by a picnic lunch. Please bring a salad, dessert, or other side dish to share – hot dogs, buns and condiments provided (with options for omnivores, vegetarians, vegans and those who are gluten free). No nuts, please.


11:45AM – 2nd Hour – Congregational Picnic – sponsored by the Children’s Program




2nd Hour

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

After tea & coffee join in one of the after-service activities. This time is a great way to get to know people and to explore topics in more depth.


Each month we focus on a theme, which we explore in our Sunday Services, in small groups, and in a variety of workshops and other offerings. Our monthly explorations package is intended to spark individual reflection and group discussion. It offers quotes, poems, and wisdom from a variety of traditions as well as links to resources on the internet and recommendations for books and movies. The packet is available free to anyone who would like to sign up for it (see below).

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