Children's Program


Programs & Times

Begins at 10:30 am

Nursery (0 – 4 years)  Young Children can enjoy our supervised nursery.  The service can be heard over speaker should a parent/guardian wish to stay with their young child.  A wide variety of toys, books and craft materials provide a creative and fun environment.

Children’s Program (Pre-K – Gr 6)  Children gather downstairs for their own programming service, before engaging in classroom activities. Parents are more than welcome to join in.

Children and Youth groups are scheduled to end at 11:30 am. If the service upstairs ends before this time, parents are welcome to have tea or coffee and socialize until the programming is finished.

Unitarianism with Nazeem

Visit and learning at Hindu Temple

Learning about composting with Lisa

Our program aims to provide all ages with a safe and supportive environment in which to:

  • Learn about many religions and cultures along with Unitarian Universalism
  • Explore new ideas and engage the imagination
  • Make friends and develop a sense of belonging
  • Deepen understanding of themselves and of life
  • Empower one another to work for a more just and caring world

Our Director of Children’s Religious Education

Fary Shah

Fary Shah is the Director of Children’s Programming.  Fary has extensive experience volunteering with various community groups, and is an active member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. She has a a BA in Religious studies from the U of S, she is fluent in English, French & Urdu.

Along with planning curricula and implementing programs with and for the Unitarian children and families, she works part-time as a language interpreter and document translator. Fary finds fulfulment in the teachings of both Islam and Unitarianism.

Please email Fary below if you have any questions about Saskatoon Unitarians Children’s Program

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Children's Rainbow Principles

Red – Respect all beings
Orange – Offer fairness and compassion to everyone
Yellow – Yearn to learn by caring and encouraging
Green – Grow by exploring new ideas together
Blue – Believe what your heart tells you, yet listen to others
Indigo – Insist on peace and justice for the whole world
Violet – Value the interconnected web of all life

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