What is the future of humanism, part 3?

“… What they are saying is that people of colour in the US and in Canada find themselves in a system of white supremacy, a system set up to benefit people with white skin colour. Clearly all lives do not matter equally when one group is disproportionately affected—just like in Saskatchewan …”

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Humanism New Wave – Part 2

“…The new wave of humanism is taking the approach that we all do better when we all do better—there is much that those of us with buildings and strong organizations can do to help smaller humanist groups, and we all benefit as a result. …”

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What is the Future of Humanism?

“…I was not the only one who found it funny that, in order to explain their tradition to the others, the Unitarians talked about their history, the Ethical Society leaders had a list of principles, and the Rabbis presented their tradition by telling three stories and four jokes!”

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