How Resilient are We?

“When we get stressed we tend to focus on the source of the stress. When we’re talking about resiliency, however, we’re looking at our situation in a different way. Resiliency asks how can I live with this situation? How should I respond? Resiliency turns the lens on us.”

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With a Little Help from our Friends

“If you read Rev. Fulgence’s recent blog post, you know that he is developing his ideas for a Unitarian Universalist francophone ministry, to be called Communauté Sans Frontières Unitarienne/Universaliste (CSF), and that he intends to serve both Saskatoon, via Sunday services and other events, and francophones around the world, through an online ministry.”

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Response to a Verdict

“…Friday night when the news of the not guilty verdict in the trial of Gerald Stanley was picked up on social media. It was hard to get back to our book discussion; many of us were in shock – there were others, like me, who were thinking that manslaughter was the most likely verdict, so we were in shock, and needed to process what happened.”

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